Gamestec confirms orders for over 1,200 Prismatic at ICE 2019

Following an exciting ICE 2019, one of the undoubted highlights for Gamestec was the confirmation of a huge purchasing commitment for Prismatic, the latest Astra-led digital terminal first launched in January.

Managing Director Peter Davies confirmed that following extensive technical and commercial testing, commencing in November 2018, a total of more than 1,200 Prismatic units will be installed into Gamestec customer estates by the end of April this year. Davies added, “This multi-million-pound capital investment is a demonstration of Gamestec’s commitment to support the sector, and our key partners, with investment in leading-edge product and product that is driven by player endorsement and performance.”


Chris Butler, Managing Director of manufacturer Astra Bell-Fruit commented, “Prismatic is the culmination of an exhaustive development process which has fundamentally founded a product that has delivered phenomenal cash box results. We are delighted to receive such substantial and significant orders from Gamestec.”


Prismatic is a true Novomatic ‘group’ initiative, with Gamestec playing an instrumental role throughout the testing process. A journey that began with 100 units, then a further 200, soon reached the point where orders passed the landmark figure of 1,000 units and are now over 1,200. “We have demonstrated a total commitment to product and player engagement and as a result have seen cashbox levels double and, in some cases, treble. Crucially, we have also seen the overall house performances sky rocket as players become fully engaged across all product sets within each venue. The levels of performance we have seen are truly unprecedented,” concludes Davies.


This significant and industry-changing shift in player preference and resultant retailer demand is no better illustrated than by the rapidly changing profile of the Gamestec machine estate. “As recently as just 15 months ago, our gaming estate was just 25% digital,” explains Davies. “Today, we are at 65% and by the end of 2019, we expect this figure to be 80% plus. The long-awaited transition within the wider market is now a rapidly occurring reality and as a company, we are fully committed to the significant levels of investment now required and to working closely with our customers across a number of extended and new contractual agreements.”